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The Retirement Defense

Mutual Fund vs. ETF | The Retirement Defense

This episode of The Retirement Defense dives into a very important difference that often time gets confused as the same thing. And that’s the difference between having a portfolio and having a financial plan.

A portfolio is something that hold all of your assets i.e. your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, maybe some REITs and so on. The portfolio is an all-encompassing umbrella of all your “”stuff””.

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Asset Allocation Strategy & The Prudent Investor Rule | The Retirement Defense

On today’s episode of The Retirement Defense with Brett Gottlieb, we talk about risk as it relates to your retirement portfolio.

We’ve seen it all – and it’s very common that our clients will come in and we’ll find that they may hold way too much risk in their portfolio based on where they are at in their lives or the goals, or sometimes not enough risk!

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Easily Understanding Your Social Security Benefits | The Retirement Defense

On this episode of The Retirement Defense, Brett walks you through several key things you need to know about your Social Security benefits.

You’ve paid into social security for decades, and you’re relying on it to be a source of income upon retirement. The problem is, Social Security is actually really complex!

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Brett is busy writing a new book! Please check back soon for book updates.


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