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The Retirement Defense

Life Insurance Basics | The Retirement Defense

Brett Gottlieb sheds some light on life insurance in this episode. There’s a lot of different types out there and deciding on which one is right for you or your family can be incredibly challenging. So we dive into the difference between the two types you need to know: Term or Permanent.

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Portfolio vs. Financial Plan, What’s The Difference? | The Retirement Defense

This episode of The Retirement Defense dives into a very important difference that often time gets confused as the same thing. And that’s the difference between having a portfolio and having a financial plan.

A portfolio is something that hold all of your assets i.e. your stocks, bonds, mutual funds, maybe some REITs and so on. The portfolio is an all-encompassing umbrella of all your “”stuff””.

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Brett is busy writing a new book! Please check back soon for book updates.


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