Reimagining Retirement: How Will You Fill the 40-Hour Gap?

Reimagining Retirement: How Will You Fill the 40-Hour Gap?

By Brett Gottlieb

There’s no doubt that we are living longer than ever and retirees are enjoying 20 to 30 golden years. But what do you do with all of that extra time?

After working 40+ hours a week for your whole career, it can feel like you have so much time to fill now that you don’t have to clock in and out at the office or run your company. For some retirees, this flexibility is great. For others, they might feel lost and crave a little more structure for their days. Everyone’s dream retirement will look a little different. Here, we share some ways to make the most out of this significant life stage.

Find a Passion Project

With the free time we now must fill after retirement, we can start to work on some of those other passions that have been brewing for years but unfortunately got sidelined because there simply wasn’t enough time in the day. Weaving in time for the things that we are passionate about is always time well spent.

Give Back

Think about causes or organizations you’ve always wanted to support more. Maybe you can give back by volunteering on a board or being part of a project that would not have been possible during the working years. We believe that we should incorporate these aspects of retirement into our plan; you’re more likely to help ensure your financial resources go toward the causes or organizations you care about when you’re already investing your time.

Consider a Flexible Retirement Transition

For some, transitioning out of the workforce might initially be feasible. For most people, though, this may not be an option or even desirable. If you work a regular eight-to-five job, you will likely work full-time until the day you retire. If you own a business, you may have more flexibility. For instance, you could choose to work only two or three days a week for the last several years, gradually becoming less involved in the business until you decide it’s time to step out completely. You can also consider taking a part-time or seasonal position with fewer hours. The objective, regardless of the chosen path, is to live a long and fulfilling life throughout one’s retirement.

Love Where You Live

Another equally important factor most don’t thoroughly explore is where to live during retirement. For most of us, during the working years, our jobs and careers largely dictate where we live. After retirement, family and friends play a bigger role. You’ll also need to think about the tax and financial implications, and living near the resources you will need, such as medical facilities and shopping. You will likely need to hire help to assist with chores that you used to do yourself, such as cleaning and mowing the lawn. Where you choose to put down roots will have a big impact when it comes to the challenges you will need to manage during the different phases of retirement.

Retirement is complex and multifaceted and the best way to enjoy it is to find something that makes you excited to get out of bed every morning. Whether that’s fixing up a short-term rental, picking up a new hobby, or traveling with family and friends, finding meaningful things to fill your time will make retirement that much better.

Let’s Build the Retirement of Your Dreams

Planning for a successful retirement, including both the financial and non-financial aspects, requires diligent care. Considering the complexity of this task (and the significance of this life stage), it may be helpful to partner with a professional who can offer objective guidance. If you’d like to discuss your retirement planning in detail, email us at or call (760) 813-2125. We would love to help you build the retirement of your dreams.

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