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Tips to Reduce Capital Gains Tax 

By Brett Gottlieb Profiting through your investments is no easy task, and you may have felt frustration when your hard-earned profits get reduced by capital gains taxes. While completely avoiding…

The Road Ahead: Tackling 5 Financial Planning Challenges of Early Retirement

By Brett Gottlieb Retirement marks the beginning of a fresh chapter, unlike anything you’ve encountered before. You say goodbye to the predictability of a regular paycheck and a structured routine,…

Your 2024 Social Security Guide

By Brett Gottlieb ​​The period leading up to retirement can often come with a mix of emotions. You might feel excitement for the new chapter ahead, stress about the logistics,…

Your 2024 Tax Preparation Checklist

By Brett Gottlieb Can you believe the first quarter of the year is nearly over? The past year flew by, and here we are again facing tax season. As we…

Is it Too Late to Start Saving for Retirement?

By Brett Gottlieb They say you’re only young once. Does that mean it’s too late to start saving for retirement? That’s a question that’s bound to provoke anxiety. After all,…

Can a Financial Advisor Facilitate a Happy Marriage?

When it comes to your marriage, love, commitment, and shared dreams stand as the foundational pillars that support your connection. But how does money fit into the equation? It’s a…


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